Organs at St James'


The current organ was built in 1991 by Nicholson of Malvern.

The case is made of English oak and the display pipes are of polished zinc. The twelve stops plus Tremulant are mechanical with the two manuals and pedal board being actuated by tracker action.


The New Organ by Norman Taylor. From the Abinger & Coldharbour Parish News April 1991


The 1887 organ was built by Alfred Kirkland of London, restored and enlarged in 1924 and thoroughly repaired in 1937. It took the place of a chamber organ which had been preceded by a harmonium and that by a barrel organ with two barrels and ten tunes each, which was installed in 1857 when the Singers Gallery, across the west end of the church in which there were a "bass-viol, clarionet etc. for the band", was removed.

This organ was destroyed by enemy action in August 1944.