Music at St James'

One of the great surprises of St James is that this rural parish has such a fine choir. The 26 member choir sings a full choral Evensong on the second Sunday of each month (6pm) and sung Eucharist on the first Sunday morning of each month (10:30am). We are lucky to have a good acoustic, fine 2-manual tracker action Nicholson organ (built in 1991) and a team of well-trained experienced musicians.


The Parish Choir

Our repertoire is broad, ranging from early polyphony to the current day. Most visitors are pleasantly surprised by the quality of music produced in the beautiful and rural setting in the Surrey Hills. Visit our page on the Choral Evensong website for more on St James' and other services nearby and around the country.

Some samples of our performances

Training Choir ('The Duffers Choir)

This unique group was founded a few years ago by Martin Hall, the previous Musical Director, and comprises ladies who claimed to be tone deaf - they have since been proved wrong in this self-assessment! Indeed they have given several public performances with increasing confidence and, yes, expertise. They are a vibrant, rumbustious group, about 20 strong, who rehearse every Wednesday at 7.00 pm in the choir vestry. A male counterpart to this group ("Gruffers") has recently been created.


St James has a very fine Nicholson Baroque organ with mechanical action, as well as a new Yamaha Grand piano. Both sound wonderful in St James, which boasts one of the finest acoustics in Surrey.

Director of Music

David Hansell. Contact David at