St James' Church - Abinger Lecture Society

Abinger Lecture Society

The Abinger Eighty Club was formed in 1972 to provide lectures and talks to its members in the winter months. It got its name from the original number of members; it had nothing to do with its members' ages! It has recently been renamed as above.

The talks are on the first Monday of the month from October to March, and they cover a wide range of subjects, including travel, art, music, literature, architecture, science, history and natural history. They are mainly given by professional speakers and illustrated with slides or other material. The current season featured talks on "St Petersburg", "Behind the scenes at the House of Lords" (very funny - given by a former Principal Doorkeeper), "A Ranger at the Grand Canyon", "John Betjeman and English Architecture", "Salvador Dali Explained" and "Forestry in Iran".

Meetings are held in Abinger Hammer Village Hall, with coffee at 19:30 and the talk at 20:00, followed by questions. See Events page here for forthcoming meetings.

The schedule for the 2015/16 season is as follows:

Current membership is £25 Guest attendance £8.