Abinger Book Group

While not having set it up as such, this has evolved as a women's reading group. We meet in each other's houses at approximately 4-6 week intervals having chosen one, sometimes two books. We have mostly chosen new modern novels, but now and again include a classic or a biography. We tend to socialise over a glass or a cup and some nibbles, then get down to sharing our reactions and ideas about what we have read. We then share titles of any good reads, and decide on the next book(s), venue and date, usually on a Tuesday.

Our membership is about 16, which means not everyone has room to host, but there are always some who can't make it, so at the moment we have open membership. Obviously, we may have to re-think if the group gets much bigger, but we haven't reached that point yet.

If you are interested contact either Mad Berry (Tel: 01306 730746) or Pat O'Brien (Tel: 01306 730818).