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Page: Evelyn-Hall-100-Club
The Evelyn Hall is Abinger Common's village hall. The 100 Club provides an annual income for the hall as well as giving its participants a bit of fun!

The year runs from January to December and the subscription is £15 of which the hall gets half. The other half is divided into four draws, four or five prizes at each depending on the number of members.

If you would like to join and support the hall just print this page, fill in the slip below and send it to:
Margaret Yule, Shootlands House, Abinger Common, Dorking, RH5 6JX
with a cheque for £15 made payable to "The Evelyn Hall 100 Club" or get in touch with Margaret for inclusion in the following year. (Tel: 01306 730280, email: shootlands@aol.com)

On behalf of the Evelyn Hall Committee.

THE EVELYN HALL 100 CLUB                                                                      


Telephone number:


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