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Page: ThenAndNow

See below some comparative pictures of local scenes, then and now. If you have any old photographs or pictures we could show here, please send to . Click on any pictures for a larger view.

Sutton Abinger

Old Forge (1900)

Old Forge (2014)

Sutton Cottage, Walnut Tree Cottage (1900)

Sutton Cottage, Walnut Tree Cottage (2014)

The Abinger Hatch, Abinger Common

Abinger Hatch (1900)

Abinger Hatch (2005)

Abinger Lane

Skelmorlie (ca. 1895-1925)

Skelmorlie (1907)

Skelmorlie (ca. 1925)

St Catherines, Glebe Gate (2014)

Tillingbourne at Crossways (1905)

Tillingbourne at Crossways (2014)

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