Vacancy for Rector

Tony Berry, the current Rector, is due to retire at the end of September 2021. It is the intention of the Diocese of Guilford to appoint a Priest-in-charge/House-for-duty priest. The process to appoint a replacement has begun.

Letter from the Archdeacon

This from the Archdeacon of Dorking (Ven. Martin Breadmore) outlines the process for appointing a new priest for Abinger/Colharbour. An advertisement for the vacancy will appear here in due course - as well as in other church-related websites/journals.

September 2021

Some updates from Abinger PCC

Tony's Retirement Plans

As you know, this is Tony's last year in 'active service' and he has now confirmed that his retirement date will be 30th September. He and Mad will be enormously missed and many of us will want to take part in celebrating the Berrys' contributions to our communities over the last 28 years. Tony will be taking services across the Benefice during the course of September, with Coldharbour and Abinger each enjoying final morning services on Sunday 26th September. Please put this date in your diary and look out for arrangements in September's mag.

Planning for the future

We are pleased to report Archdeacon Breadmore's confirmation that Coldharbour and Abinger may appoint a priest, who will be based in The Rectory at Abinger, as Tony and Mad have been. The new position is for a part-time minister, and so there will be differences in how ministry and pastoral care are delivered across our churches. PCCs in both of our villages, along with Tony, have been working to ensure that the new arrangement works for us all and we are confident that the futures of both of our churches remain bright and full of opportunity. Further details on what happens in our churches after September have been emailed and posted on our church websites so please do take a look at the information which is there for all to share.

From the Abinger & Coldharbour Parish News July/August 2021