Help Topics

Editing using CushyCMS

CushyCMS allows permitted users to edit selected parts of the website (as designated by the webmaster without having to use FTP protocol. It also ensures web synchronisation of web content. Help document here. To start goto and Login. Accredited editors will have received an email from CushyCMS with Login details.

You will find a link on each page footer on pages that may be editaed with CushyCMS (Online Website Editor) which will take you to CushyCMS.

Editing the Diary

Anyone with editing rights can amend, add or delete entries in the Diary (see Home page - click on the CofE logo - or Diary.htm). Click on the +Google Calendar icon below the diary.

To request editing rights, contact the webmaster.

Random Page

Clicking on the St James' address at the top of any page will invoke a random page from this website. Alternatively, select from the menu at top right.