St James' Church - Burial Registers

Parish Registers

The Abinger Parish registers are retained in a purpose-built database written by Philip Rawlings.

Sources include:


Reports from that database are shown below, other sorts/selections are available from the webmaster.

Burial Register 1877-2015

Burial Register 1813-1846

The original Abinger Parish burial registers for 1813-1846 were lost, but were earlier published, a scan is shown here.

Burial Register 1599-1812

The Abinger Parish burial registers for 1599-1812 were published as The Parish Registers of Abinger, Wotton, and Oakwood Chapel, Co. Surrey (Mitchell Hughes & Clarke, London, 1928), a scan is shown here.

Notes to the Registers

Source Data

You can download (StJamesRegisters.xml) the entire registers dataset. Then open the XML file as an XML table, or in any XML-friendly application.